Squirrel at Arne

My main computer has been moved recently so I am currently using a laptop, as a result I haven’t posted much.  I have been to Arne RSPB reserve several times.

The full English breakfast in the RSPB cafe has nothing to do with my frequent visits and expanding waistline. ( well may be a bit)


The text on the image is because I shared it on Facebook.

This image was one of several, The squirrels where feasting on the Conkers, I had never seem as many in one place.  My camera being a cheap entry level Bridge is a little slow between shots, Which is a bit frustrating but I takes fantastic images for the price.

Once I reinstall Photoshop one the laptop I can upload a few more images.

The bird table at work had a Chaffinch on yesterday.  I had to google it – Slowly learning a few new creatures.